Diane's Story

In October 2015, Diane went into the hospital for what they suspected was a ruptured appendix. The result was a diagnosis of a colonic-type adenocarcinoma, or an appendix tumor.  She was told this was an uncommon and aggressive form of cancer and was given a three-month survival expectancy. She lasted a mere four weeks from her diagnosis.  This was frustrating for her family to witness as she was not provided the opportunity to fight the way she was prepared to.

Appendix Cancer accounts for about 0.5% of all tumors that start in the GI tract. It is challenging to find and diagnose and researcher have a long way to go to understanding this rare form of Cancer.

Generally there is a three - five-year survival rate after the cancer is found. The five-year survival rate for people with appendix cancer depends on many factors, including the stage of disease at time of diagnosis, type of appendiceal tumor and size. Any level of participation is greatly appreciated!

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